Our Story

Dazzled Collections is a handmade jewelry brand. It saw its birth in 2020 as the founder and designer, Josianne Calleja , is behind every crafted item. Josianne has been a crafter for many years. She has worked on various items and in 2015 she founded her first online store which sold handmade crafts, each one personalised and using different materials. She has been crafting since 2002 but it was mostly as a hobby and producing items upon friends requests.  She has since then took various courses and is now crafting jewerly in silver 925, stainless steel and polymer clay.


What is the most common feature throughout Dazzled Collections creations?

Each item can be personalised. No one item is like the other and this is something that Josianne reallly focuses on. The item has to speak to the owner! It is important for Josianne to create items that last. Josianne also focuses on sustainability. Silver is a recyclable material and all packaging is eco-friendly. Another way of being sustainable is by working on items clients have an give them a  new life.  


Creating unique pieces, preserving tradition, being original and innovative are at the central core values that accompany each curated piece crafted.

Josianne truly believes in never forgetting where she started from and with this in mind, a special place was created in the website for handcrafted items and gifts. It is important to value one's own journey and to venture into new pastures everyday! This is what keeps us going.